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      Smith   'smɪθ (SMITH ) Listen       Nguyen   'wen (WEN) Listen       Okundaye   ˌoʊ ku:n 'dɑ: jeɪ (oh-koon-DAH-yay ) Listen       Cruz   'kru:z (KROOZ ) Listen       Leblanc   lə 'blɑ:ŋk (luh-BLAHNK) Listen       O'Beirne   oʊ 'bɚn (oh-BURN ) Listen       Mcleod   mə 'klaʊd (muh-KLOWD ) Listen       Do   'doʊ (DOH ) Listen       Hough   'hʌf (HUHF) Listen       Negron   ne 'groʊn (neh-GROHN ) Listen       Mejia   mə 'hi: ə (muh-HEE-uh) Listen       Wisniewski   wɪz 'nu: ski: (wiz-NOO-skee) Listen       Xiong   'ʃjɑ:ŋ (SHYAHNG) Listen       Vajda   'vaɪ də (VY-duh ) Listen       Thiele   'θi:l (THEEL) Listen       Balbuena   bæl 'bweɪ nə (bal-BWAY-nuh ) Listen       Bushong   'bʊ ʃɑ:ŋ (BUU-shahng ) Listen       Necaise   'ni: ˌkeɪs (NEE-kace ) Listen       Ianuzzi   ˌaɪ ə 'nu: zi: (eye-uh-NOO-zee ) Listen       Uehara   ˌweɪ 'ha rə (way-HA-ruh) Listen       Chiou   'tʃu: (CHOO ) Listen       Yixing   'yi: ʃɪŋ (yee-SHING ) Listen       Khatun   kɑ: 'tu:n (kah-TOON ) Listen       Narayan   nə 'raɪ ən (nuh-RY-uhn ) Listen       Gaxiola   ˌgæ ʃi: 'oʊ lə (ga-shee-OH-luh ) Listen
      John   'ʤɑ:n (JAHN ) Listen       Chloe   'klo: i: (KLOH-ee ) Listen       Thomas   'tɑ:məs (TAH-muhs ) Listen       Siobhan   ʃə 'vɑ:n (shuh-VAHN ) Listen       Javier   hɑ: vyer (hah-VYAIR ) Listen       Swathi   swɑ ti: (SWAH-tee ) Listen       Pilar   pi: lɑ:r (pee-LAHR ) Listen       Soheir   so: 'he:r (soh-HAIR ) Listen
      La Jolla Listen       Bryn Mawr Listen       Skaneateles Listen       Parsippany Listen       Tucson Listen       Tempe Listen       Maricopa Listen       Camino Real Listen       Tiburon Listen       Muhlenberg Listen       Natchitoches Listen       Shreveport Listen       Vallejos Listen       Paramus Listen       Dubuque Listen       Poughkeepsie Listen       Decatur Listen       Irondequoit Listen       Muskegon Listen       Deschutes Listen       Escondido Listen       Houlton Listen       Lancaster Listen

Expert Name Pronunciation. You'll pronounce names like an expert - any name.

With years of research behind it, E-Speech name pronunciation software is the most accurate system available today for pronouncing names of people, places, and businesses in the United States. You'll hear and see phonetic spelling for any name.

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Use our name pronunciation systems for all kinds of services
  • pronounce names at college commencement     read more .....
  • pronounce names of customers, employees, students
  • pronounce names in outbound call centers
  • learning English
  • and improving your speech recognition systems
Customers say:
  • Using your software, we went from a huge undertaking that took us around three weeks down to approximately 1 day
  • This software is great, thanks!
  • Your customer service is FANTASTIC
Our pronunciations are backed by years of research and development by our staff of American PhD's. Runs in a browser on most desktops, laptops, tablets and on mobile platforms like iPhone®, AndroidTM, BlackBerry®.


Tools for English language learners

Learn English Phonics Online

Learn how to pronounce English words and names from spelling. Funded in part by a grant fromt the National Science Foundation.

Read Abbreviations and Numbers in Text

Learn how to speak those abbreviations and numbers in English text.

Our Text-to-Speech Products

American English

We have top quality small-footprint text-to-speech and
we develop custom text-to-speech for targeted applications.

Our small footprint, full-featured text-to-speech for American English has high intelligiblity.
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Latin-American Spanish

A Latin-American Spanish system that speaks people's names with natural voice quality.

Mandarin Chinese

A Mandarin Chinese synthesis system that speaks SMS-type messages.