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Feel confident. Pronounce the names of your students and alumni correctly..... See our FAQ

When you are faced with the daunting task of pronouncing names of students from many ethnic backgrounds, we can help you. With our NameSayer services, you can feel confident when you announce names at the podium during commencement.

We are experts in pronouncing people's names, with many years of experience. Our team has accumulated knowledge about pronouncing names from many language backgrouonds. Our services have been used for years by universities in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

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Xiaoxin Zhang

shee-"ow!"-SHIN     JAHNG

See  expert phonetic spelling and hear the pronunciation for every student's name quickly and cost-effectively.  

If your commencement readers are speakers of English, you'll get pronunciations that they can easily understand, not heavily-accented or foreign-language audio recordings and not phonetic spelling written by students, who don't know how to write phonetic spelling.

 Let your students approve or correct the pronunciation .... or else record it themselves or type a description.

 NameSayer is good:      90% of students approve a NameSayer pronunciation

 See our FAQ for our most popular NameSayer service.

As a dean at an American or international university, you know how important commencement day is to your graduating students and their families. Honor, respect, recognize, and impress your graduates as they march across the stage, culminating their years of work and achievement. In a GradImages survey asking "What parts of commencement are important to you?", 86% of respondents said "being individually recognized, and hearing their name (or their loved one's name) called over the public address system was important. This trounced all other ceremony elements by wide margins".

We can help.

For each of your students, we provide:
- expert, intelligent phonetic spelling that is easy for an English-speaking announcer to interpret. Phonetic spellings that are provided by students are often inaccurate, since many students, especially non-native speakers, do not know how to write a phonetic spelling.

- highly intelligible audio in English generated by an English-speaking speech synthesizer. Audio that is recorded by students is often hard to understand if the speaker has a heavy foreign accent, or if the speaker speaks in a foreign language, or speaks in poor or noisy acoustic conditions.

We have a solid track record: universities have been using our services since 2007. We work closely with you to make sure you get what you need, and cost-effectively. Our university customers say:

  • "Using your software, we went from a huge undertaking that took us around three weeks down to approximately 1 day."
  • "This software is great, thanks!"
  • "Your customer service is FANTASTIC."
  • We offer 4 services:


    We'd be happy to speak to you about these services. Contact us.