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E-Speech team members are internationally recognized experts in speech technology. For more than 20 years, we have worked on speech synthesis, recognition and verification, and natural language processing. We have extensive experience in the telecommunications market, including reverse directory services. We have expertise in software development and applications in both PC and Unix environments, centers and computer-telephone integration (CTI). We also have a close association with members of the linguistics and computer science community at Princeton University.

We offer expert consulting and we can design your application, provide systems integration, or evaluate other-party systems integration.

In addition to developing special-purpose text-to-speech systems, such as a Spanish name generation system and text-to-speech for an embedded environment for American English and Mandarin Chinese, we have done a variety of other projects as consulting arrangements.

Here are examples of consulting projects we have done:

  • We have created phonetic dictionaries for names of people, businesses, and geographical locations in the US and several other countries .
  • We have devised human-readable phonetic spelling for people's names and added the spellings to our customers' Microsoft Access database for use by agents in outbound call centers.
  • We have written a text preprocessor for traffic reports.
  • We have written software to produce dictionaries and grammars for telephone directories, for use with speech recognition or text-to-speech.
  • We have consulted on text-to-speech issues for American and British English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

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