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Dan..., Ph.D. (MIT), Co-founder
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Dan has extensive experience in linguistics, speech synthesis, speech recognition, and digital and analog signal processing, as well as in systems integration for telephony applications of speech technology. Before founding E-Speech, Dan was Director of Bellcore's Speech Technology Research Group, and he also worked on speech recognition and synthesis at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ. He has served as Chairman of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Speech Technical Committee and as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing. He is a recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal for his contributions to signal processing.

Marian Macchi, Ph.D. (NYU), Co-founder
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Marian's speciality is speech synthesis, both with basic synthesis technology and with name pronunciation and text preprocessing for applications such as reverse telephone directory other name pronunciation services. Before co-founding E-Speech, Marian was at Bellcore, where she was the chief architect of the Orator© speech synthesizer, and also at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ. She has been an invited speaker at the National Science Foundation, IEEE, Acoustical Society of America, and Association for Computational Linguistics, and has served on NSF review panels and on many technical advisory committees. Marian was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for adapting the E-Speech phonetic pronunciation algorithm to teaching English. She is a member of the Advisory Board for Montclair State University Linguistics Department.

Dan and Marian won the Bellcore Presidential Award for their research and development of the Orator© text-to-speech synthesizer and for its commercialization. They both have a long-standing interest in name pronunciation.

Karen Wallace, Ph.D. (NYU), Linguist and client relations
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Karen is a linguist specializing in phonology and acoustic phonetics. Karen has worked on speech synthesis and she has had a long interest in issues related to the introduction of non-English names into English. She works on name pronunciation and she also works with our university clients.

Linguistic consultants
Although our core team combined has linguistic expertise in a variety of European and Asian languages, as well as English, we have linguistic consultants around the world who help us with phonology and phonetics of many languages.