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FAQs about E-Speech's name pronunciation system NameSayer

NameSayer is the most accurate name pronunciation software in existence. Our staff of PhDs have spent years researching the pronunciation of the names of people in the US. However, our system is not perfect. There are two reasons why NameSayer may produce a pronunciation different from the one you expect.

1. Many names - in fact, about 1/4 of all names in the US - have more than one pronunciation, and different people adopt different alternatives. For example,
      Name Pronunciations
      Weinstein WINE-stine WINE-steen
      Macomber muh-KUHM-ber MAY-kuhm-ber MA-kuhm-ber
      Pugliese poo-GLEE-zee pool-YAY-zay
      Bernier BERN-yay ber-NEERBER-nee-er
      Xavier ZAY-vyerig-ZAY-vyer hah-VYAIRE
      Tegan TEH-guhnTEE-guhn
      Cai SY TSYCHY
      Wojcik WOH-jik VOY-chik
      Phong FAHNG PAHNG

It's impossible to know which pronunciation a particular person has adopted without asking the person. So if you need to know which pronunciation an individual uses, you need to ask them directly. If you need to collect name pronunciations for a large number of people, please get in touch with us. We can help you by providing a service that allows people to provide the pronunciation of their names.

2. NameSayer is as good - on average - as highly educated, language-oriented speakers of English. For many names it is better than highly educated people, because we have done so much research on name pronunciation. However, because there are millions of names in the United States, it is impossible to verify all of them. Therefore, NameSayer uses sophisticated spelling-to-pronunciation rules to predict reasonable pronunciations for names that our research staff have not verified. Because our rules are not perfect, NameSayer will make mistakes on unverified names more frequently than will educated people. Overall, NameSayer mispronounces 7% of names; for difficult names, NameSayer's error rate may be higher. If you need to know for certain if a particular pronunciation is an acceptable pronunciation, please get in touch with us.