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Pronounce any name like an expert. E-Speech software provides the most accurate name pronunciation available today for the names of people, businesses, and places in the United States.

Our software pronounces any name - and like an expert would.

See it, hear it.

People's names. We offer name pronunciation software for people in the United States. read more ...

Place names. We offer name pronunciation for streets, towns, and points of interest in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. read more ...

Our software is also excellent at pronouncing English words, so it can be used for general text as well as for name-oriented applications. E-Speech software and dictionaries can be used either by humans or with speech recognition and with text-to-speech. It supports all popular phonetic alphabets (IPA, ARPAbet, CPA, SAMPA, HARK) and also "newspaper" phonetics ("oh-BAH-muh") for people, like call-center agents, who would not be expected to know a phonetic alphabet.

Our software will give you unparalleled name pronunciation accuracy for any application:

The software translates input in English orthography into a phonological representation, indicating phonemes, word-stress, syllable boundaries, word and phrase boundaries, and optionally, intonation and phrase-stress.

If you input... Our system outputs....
Name IPA phoneticsNewspaper phonetics
Gerhardt Lachapelle    'geɪr ˌhɑ:rt lɑ: ʃə 'pel GAIR-hart lah-shuh-PEHL
Daphne Murtagh 'dæf ni: 'mɚ ˌtɔ: DAFF-nee MURR-taw
Ravi Gnanadesikan 'ræ vi: næ nɪ 'de sɪ kən RAV-vee nan-nid-DEH-si-kuhn
Xingxing Liang ˌʃɪŋ 'ʃɪŋ li: 'æŋ shing-SHING lee-ANG
Cafe de Paris ˌkæ 'feɪ 'dʊ pæ 'ri: ka-FAY duh pa-REE
Tiburon Grille 'tɪ bə rɑ:n 'grɪl TIB-buh-rahn GRIL
Cabernet Sauvignon ˌkæ bɚ 'neɪ ˌsoʊ vɪn 'joʊn kab-ber-NAY soh-vin-YONE
Bryn Mawr 'brɪn 'mɑ:r BRIN MAR
Skaneateles skæ ni: 'æ tə li:z skan-nee-AT-tuh-leez

In addition, our software provides multiple pronunciations for many names that have more than one possible pronunciation. For example, "Weinstein" can be pronounced as "WINE stine" or "WINE steen," "Migliore" may be pronounced as "mig lee OR", "mig lee OR ee", "mig lee OR ay", "mil YORE", "mil YORE ee", or "mil YORE ay," and "Cai" can be pronounced as "TSY" or "CHY" or "SY". This feature is important for speech recognition applications, since they need to link all the pronunciations to the same name.

Our software can be used online or real-time during speech recognition/synthesis transaction processing or off-line to build pronunciation dictionaries that can be incorporated into your ASR or synthesis software. The software is available as part of the E-Speech synthesizer or as a standalone system.

Use our system in the cloud.

Or if you are a developer, our software runs on Windows and various Unix/Linux systems and is easy to integrate with applications. The standalone version is available as a command-line executable or as a library/DLL containing C-callable functions. We welcome customization: we are happy to tailor our software to your specific needs.