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Name Pronunciation > Pronounce names of geographical locations like an expert - any name

Pronounce the names of streets, towns, cities, and points of interest in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

E-Speech has devoted years to ensuring accurate pronunciation of places in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. While our standard pronunciation software includes many place names, our additional placename dictionaries will greatly expand the coverage and accuracy for your application. We have researched the pronunciations of many of streets, towns, cities, and points of interest, and for the vast majority, we have confirmed that the pronunciation produced by our system is a pronunciation that would be produced by an intelligent, educated native speaker of American English.

Our pronunciation system can help you as an English language learner or as a developer of navigation software.

Our system provides pronunciations in a wide variety of phonetic alphabets.

For example,
If you input... Our system outputs....
Name IPA phoneticsNewspaper phonetics     (other alphabets available)
Cafe de Paris ˌkæ 'feɪ 'dʊ pæ 'ri: ka-FAY duh pa-REE
Tiburon Grille 'tɪ bə rɑ:n 'grɪl TIB-buh-rahn GRIL
Cabernet Sauvignon ˌkæ bɚ 'neɪ ˌsoʊ vɪn 'joʊn kab-ber-NAY soh-vin-YONE
Bryn Mawr 'brɪn 'mɑ:r BRIN MAR
Skaneateles skæ ni: 'æ tə li:z skan-nee-AT-tuh-leez

Our letter-to-phoneme software can be used real-time during speech recognition/synthesis transaction processing or off-line to build pronunciation dictionaries that can be incorporated into your ASR or synthesis software. The software is available as part of the E-Speech text-to-speech system or as a standalone system. It runs on Windows and many Linux/Unix systems, and is easy to integrate with other applications. The standalone version is available as a command-line executable or as a library/DLL containing C-callable functions. We welcome customization: we are happy to tailor our software to your specific needs.