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English text contains many abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols that are not words, as well as formatting conventions that are not obvious to a language learner. To read and speak from text, learners must know how to interpret these features of text. For example,

Text SaysYou Should Say Do NOT Say
125 apples a hundred and twenty five apples   one twenty five apples
125 Main St. one twenty five Main St. a hundred and twenty five Main Street
It's 1:00 It's one o'clock.
It's 1:00 AM It's one A M It's one o'clock AM
1:25 AM one twenty five A M.
Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.   Doctor Martin Luther King Drive
Princeton, NJ Princeton, New Jersey
$1.00 one dollar dollar one
one dollar and zero cents
We provide software to help English language learners by translating such text into normal English words.