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Text SaysYou Should SayListen
Sell 125 shares Sell a hundred and twenty five shares
Go to 125 E. Main St. Go to one twenty five East Main Street
Your balance is $125.00 Your balance is one hundred twenty five dollars  
Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Doctor Martin Luther King Drive
From: (Karen Smith)   From: K. Smith at X Y Z dot org, Karen Smith  

Normalization of General Text

General text contains many abbreviations, acronyms, formatting that needs to be normalized for any speech synthesizer.


Specialized Format Preprocessing

Most applications for text-to-speech rely on databases or other text formats which do not correspond directly to the way in which humans speak the information.  For example, databases and other applications often contain text like this:

Des Moines City of Health Dept of

Such raw text cannot be fed directly into a speech synthesizer. E-Speech text preprocessors translate such text into:

City of Des Moines, Department of Health