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Our small footprint, full-featured text-to-speech for American English has extremely high intelligiblity.

E-Speech offers a small footprint, full-featured American English text-to-speech synthesizer for unrestricted text applications. It provides the highest quality text-to-speech with a total footprint less than 5MB, of which the phoneme-to-sound component is less than 2MB.

Because of its superior technology, the E-Speech synthesizer allows high quality, highly accurate access to database-driven information services. Features include:

  • Highest accuracy available for name pronunciation for American people, places, and businesses
  • High speech intelligibility, resulting in clear, natural-sounding speech
  • Excellent text preprocessing for general text, with compatible add-on text preprocessing modules for email, driving directions, or traffic reports
  • Excellent general text synthesis as well as name synthesis
  • Excellent abbreviation and acronym pronunciation
  • Excellent phrasing for words chosen to be spelled out
  • Flexible, powerful facilities for customized pronunciation and intonation
  • Small footprint, software-only system with ports to a variety of platforms

The E-Speech synthesizer can be used to read email over the phone, to speak driving directions and traffic reports, or to speak names and addresses for applications like Directory Assistance, Yellow Pages,  and Automated Attendant.

The E-Speech synthesizer makes an excellent companion for automatic speech recognition (ASR) or speaker verification applications.  Also, the E-Speech synthesizer can be used to build name pronunciation dictionaries of unparalleled accuracy, which can be incorporated into ASR software.

The E-Speech synthesizer version 1.2 is available for Unix (Solaris, Solaris x86, SunOS, DECstation, Linux, FreeBSD, BSDI, HP/UX, Motorola, RS6000 AIX) and Windows NT/95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows7.  Arrangements can be made for ports to other operating systems or platforms.