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With our NameSayer commencement services, you can feel confident when you announce names at the podium. See our Commencement FAQ

We provide NameSayer services, where our linguistics staff reviews all your names and pronunciations and can contact students to resolve difficult pronunciations, and products, based on our renowned name pronunciation software.

You can see expert phonetic spelling and hear the pronunciation for every student's name quickly. And you can print the phonetic spelling right on a student's commencement walking card. It's cost-effective, too.

Xiqin Zhang

shee-CHIN     JAHNG

Shageetha Arumugham

shuh-'G'EE-thuh     ah-ROO-muh-guhm

Can Gulluoglu

John     goo-loo-OH-loo

NameSayer is focused on helping English-speaking commencement readers say names. NameSayer can help even if you use professional readers. Both college deans and professional readers, who typically do not have expertise in how to pronounce names, say that our pronunciations give them confidence and make them feel comfortable reading names.

We have 4 NameSayer offerings. Which one is best for you?

1 - Learn about our Online NameSayer product

  • Our basic plan, starting at $300 for a commencement season
  • Log in to our NameSayer website and you get:

2 - Learn about our easy Spreadsheet NameSayer service

  • Starting at $500
  • Ideal if you have a linguistically diverse student body, a large international population, or a lot of difficult names, and you want an intetlligent pronunciation for each name
  • Send us a spreadsheet of your student names, we add a phonetic spelling for each student, our linguistics staff checks each pronunciation for reasonableness, and we send it back to you.
  • The phonetic spelling represents our "best guess" pronunciation for a name. About 80% of students say that our best guess is right. And if it's not exactly right, there's a very high probability that it's a reasonable pronunciation.
You send usWe send you

3 - Learn about our easy Spreadsheet NameSayer with audio service

  • Starting at $600
  • Same as 2, but you also get audio, and you can download phonetic spelling to a spreadsheet.
  • Audio can sometimes aid readers by clarifying phonetic spelling.
  • You and your commencement readers can log in to our "reader" website for your schoo and get:

4 - Learn about our Personalized NameSayer service

  • Starting at $1000
  • Good for schools with actively involved students
  • Send us a spreadsheet of your student names. You can include fields like major and degree.
  • Your students log in to a URL for your school and approve or correct the pronunciation of their name. NameSayer gives multiple pronunciations for names with more than one pronunciation - like Weinstein or Nguyen - so it's easy for students to choose. .... But if none is right, they can record it themselves or type a description.
    90% of students who log in approve one of our pronunciations, so you know the pronunciations are accurate.
    Students often don't like to record their voice or speak on the phone, so allowing them just to choose a correct pronunciation rather than record their names will give you a high response rate.
  • Our linguistics staff reviews all the names and pronunciations and will follow up with students, if their recording or description of their pronunciation is ambiguous, hard to understand, or seems inappropriate.
  • Your commencement readers can log in to our reader webpage and practice well ahead of the ceremonies. They see phonetic spelling, text-to-speech audio, and a recording, if the student recorded their name. Seeing expert phonetic spelling and hearing pronounciation for every student makes it easy for them.
  • Download the list to Excel and print the phonetic spelling on your walking cards, or just print it and bring it right to the podium, so the reader can see the pronunciation for each student on the stage.

Our products and services have been used since 2007 by universities in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK. We know that your university staff is very busy, so we try hard to make it easy for you. We work closely with you to give you exactly what you and your commencement readers need ... while minimizing work for you and your IT staff.

For more details, see our Commencement FAQ

Please contact us to try one of our services for your commencement.